UCI and World Triathlon Wheel List Overview

Wheel imprint:

For draft legal races, any wheel is allowed as long as it has a rim height of less than 25mm, a rim in aluminium and at least 20 metal spokes which are detachable. All components must be identifiable and commercially available. In addition, any wheel from the exception list is allowed. Browse the exception list using the search box above. For non-drafting races, any wheel is allowed. The height of the rim is measured without the braking surface area.Any wheel that does not comply with the above rules must be on the exception list before it is allowed in a draft legal race. There are two exception lists: one with all wheels that were approved until 2015, and another with approved wheels starting from 2016. This application serves both lists.The list on this website has last been updated at 26.06.2024. The official list may be more actual. This is because the UCI as data owner has no means of electronic delivery of the data. In case you don't find your wheel it is always a good thing to also check the official UCI wheel list 'Since 01.01.2016'.It is not allowed to remove or cover wheel imprints in a way that the wheel cannot be identified. In such cases the wheel is not allowed. A few wheel manifacturers offer wheels without an imprint on the rim. At least the brand name should then be visible on the inner axle. Consult a bike mechanic or the athlete for further details about the wheel.The World Triathlon competition rules state that for draft-illegal events, the frame of the bike shall be of a traditional pattern built around a closed frame, or provided with the UCI Time Trial homologation label. There are now 10 exceptions to this rule. Follow this link to get an overview of these non-traditional or unusual bikes.

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